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    Common Renault Key Card Faults

    Here is a brief description of some of the most common key card faults, this is not a complete list and if you’re not sure just call us here at renault key cards and we will let you know what the problem is.

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    • One of the most common faults that occurs with Renault Key Cards is that the lock button fails to operate anymore, this is due to failing switches inside.
    • Other faults can also occur, like unlock button no longer works.
    • Sometimes the Key card completely fails to operate at all, due to components failing or breaking inside.
    • The immobiliser light flashes rapidly, but the steering lock does not disengage and the dash lights, eg. diesel warming indicator etc. do not illuminate and, more importantly, the car won’t start.
    • Can’t use the door buttons any more and it doesn’t register that key is in your pocket.
    • When you put you key card in the key card holder it says on the display that the key card needs new battery but replacing the battery doesn’t work.
    • Message on dashboard saying ‘Card Not Detected’
    • Your key card will open your car with remote but the key card will not start the engine.

    If you are experiencing any of these faults then we can fix the problem for you. We have a team of electricans on hand to help. Call us now or check to see if it is definitely your key card that is faulty.


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    Stephen dropped out to me in Swords and repaired my Key Card within the hour. Great Service!
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