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    How to Know if your Renault Key Card is Faulty.

    Is the LED flashing on your renault key card when either button is pressed? If no first check that the battery in Key card is ok, see picture below of a common Renault key card. A lot of the time it can be just the battery that is at fault and there is no need to call us here at Renault key cards. If not then read on.

    Renault Door Lock

    The next thing to check before calling Renault key cards is, does the LED flash with both buttons? If the key card does then unlock car with the emergence key, this is in the Key card, it just pulls out see picture above of a common key card, you will now need to remove the plastic cover on the passenger door handle as shown above to insert the key and unlock the car.

    Now turn on the lights to see if the battery on the car is ok, if they don’t turn on then it is probably flat and needs jump starting. Again at this point if the battery is flat then you will probably not need to contact Renault key cards, if the battery isn’t flat then read on.

    If the LED is flashing when only one button is pushed, you have a bad connection in the Renault key card, this can be repaired. Call us now and we will repair this for you.

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    Stephen dropped out to me in Swords and repaired my Key Card within the hour. Great Service!
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